Our Team

We have a productive workforce with a vision for business development including a strong determination to succeed and ethically leading business. People will be provided with weekly training on different topics to empower them for higher customer satisfaction. We believe that our Team employee’s success is the organization’s success and are provided with a performance-based bonus package. India Holiday Tours Team is multi-lingual volubility, well trained with good experience in the industry and available for 24/7.

Why choose Sushant Travels Pvt. Ltd.?

India Holiday Tours Pvt. Ltd. is regarded as one of the best tour operators in Nepal and India by its B2B partners, by providing our clients with the finest services and products at a fair price including 24/7 responsive Customer support. We are happy to be your local tour operator in the Nepal and India.

  • Management
  • Tour Guides
  • Tour Consultants
  • Tour Leaders
  • Holiday Consultants
  • Travel consultants
  • Customer Care agents
  • Customer support agents
  • Guest services agents
  • Airport Representatives
  • Drivers
  • Hotel Representatives

In conclusion, our team embodies the essence of collaboration, innovation, and growth. We leverage our collective strengths, diverse expertise, and unwavering dedication to drive success, both as a team and for the broader objectives of our organization. Together, we are a force to be reckoned with, ready to take on any challenge and excel in a dynamic and competitive environment.